The Ruddr API is a tool to access your data in a workspace. Here, you can use the API to access resources like projects, time entries, expenses, allocations, and member information.


The API is organized around REST using JSON-encoded requests and responses. Most operations can be preformed using a GET, POST, PATCH or DELETE request.

The base URL for all requests is You must use HTTPS for all API requests.

JSON Conventions

  • Object attribute names are in camelCase (as opposed to snake_case or kebab-case).
  • Top-level resources can be identified by an "id" property which is a universally unique identifier (UUID) generated using v4 (random).
  • The slug type is a special URL-safe string used to identify a resource (often as a "key" property). These values should only contain lowercase a-z, 0-9, and the - (en dash) character, but not start or end with the dash character.
  • Dates and timestamps are encoded in ISO 8601 strings. Timestamps will include the time value (2021-07-24T17:40:03.633Z) while dates will include only the date (2021-07-24).
  • Empty strings are not supported. Values that trim to an empty string will be implicitly converted to null when performing a modification (create or update). You can also unset values by passing an explicit null value.